View your files before you commit

Included with every evaluation is the Ontrack® Verifile™ report. This report shows you the list of recoverable files and condition of each. You will receive this file list along with a firm price quote after the evaluation has been completed and before you decide to move forward with the full recovery. You will know if we can recover your critical files before you pay for a full recovery.

Easy to read reporting

The Verifile report is easy to read and includes stoplight colors for the quality of the files.

Green = Full recoverable
Yellow = Repairable
Red = partial file

The familiar interface allows for advanced filtering options to easily locate a specific, critical, file or group of files. You can filter files based on file type, date range, etc.

Access Ontrack® Web Verifile

Ontrack Web Verifile allows customers check their recoverable files in a simple way. To access your Ontrack Web Verifile report, you need:

  • your Service Order Number
  • a password

Username and password will be provided you by your data recovery representative.

Quick guide to Ontrack Web Verifile


Start recovering your data!

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