Important! Please review the following items before downloading:

  1. To download this file, you must have a working Windows system. If you do not have access to a working Windows system
  2. Do not download this file to the same disk partition that has had a data loss. Writing to a bad partition may result in a less successful recovery.
  3. Remote Services software requires a functional Internet setup on a working Windows System.
  4. Remote Services software is not designed to recover data from the active Windows boot partition.
  5. Remote Services software for Windows is not compatible with most remote control software. Please uninstall any other remote control software before installing RDR software

If you have any questions regarding these items, please contact your data recovery representative

Remote Services Software for Windows
Setup Program - V3.05RDRClientSetup.exe (15 MB)
InstructionsQuick guide


What to do next

  1. Close any running applications.
  2. Run the downloaded program. The program will install the Remote Services software on your boot partition.
  3. Run the downloaded program.
  4. Upon reboot you will have the option to run Remote Services software or Windows.
  5. Select Remote Services software and follow the instructions.