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Reuse of smartphone memory chips in new USBs poses risks not only to computer forrensics

At an international computer forensics conference in March of this year experts and law enforcement collaborators revealed a serious challenge to investigators trying to get valid prove of innocence or guilt by analyzing data from USB sticks. Both Martin Westman, digital forensics and storage media expert as well as Aya Fukami from the National Police Agency Japan have found evidence that in some cases old data from former computer users …Read More

How to protect your bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies are very hot in the news especially in the last months. This is due to the fact that these „currencies“ gone up in value drastically, especially in the last six months. The Bitcoin, the digital currencies based on blockchain technology, has made an huge increase beginning after July last year with 1 Bitcoin being worth over 20.000 USD around Christmas. Even tough it is now starting to drop drastically …Read More