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Infographic: The History of Data Storage | Ontrack Data Recovery

When you think about it, digital storage is incredible.

Decades ago, nobody imagined they could carry countless movies, songs, photos and documents around in their pocket. Now it’s just common practice. Join us as we take a journey back through time and discover just how far data storage has come.

Luckily for us, data recovery software has evolved just as quickly as digital storage capacities have expanded. Because when you’ve got your whole life saved on a tiny device, it’s good to know you can recover it if something goes wrong!

If you’ve lost some precious data, get in touch with our data recovery experts.


4 Responses to "Infographic: The History of Data Storage | Ontrack Data Recovery"

  • Alliance Pro
    26th March 2018 - 7:48 pm Reply


    I like to have a break during the my day and browse via some blogs to see what others are saying. This blog appeared in my search and I couldnt help but clicking on it. I am glad I did because it was a very enjoyable read.

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    • Lucy Ross
      4th April 2018 - 4:19 pm Reply

      Many thanks for your feedback! Great to hear you enjoyed it.

  • Internet Explorer 10 support
    13th May 2018 - 9:01 am Reply

    Data recovery software is right for the web. Its infographic is awesome. I like this post for future reference

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