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Survival Stories

Data recovery case studies, rescues and survival stories from data loss.

Solid state drive recovery after spilt water on MacBook

A few months ago, Michael Leadbetter, had one of his worst nightmares come true. The well-regarded Brisbane-based corporate, magazine and wedding photographer spent the day photographing and filming interviews with participants at a client conference. The speakers had flown in from all parts of the globe and the day was a huge success. All that was required was to produce the photos and edit the video footage for the client. …Read More

Data Loss in Australian Virtual Machines is Very Real (1)

I don’t want to alarm anyone, but last year, research by Kroll Ontrack showed that 40 per cent of companies with virtual environments have experienced data loss. I have no doubt this news will come as a surprise to many readers because the same research found that 80 per cent of respondents didn’t believe data loss could be a risk when data is stored in a virtual environment. Big mistake. …Read More

RAID 5 data recovery for tropical resort

When Uprising Beach Resort in Fiji experienced a problem with their RAID configured server, they knew that they had to act quickly. Uprising Beach Resort’s IBM server with a RAID 5 comprising of 5 SCSI hard drives failed. When the hard drives arrived at the Brisbane cleanroom it was found that one of the mirrored operating drives had failed with internal mechanical faults. The second OS was also reporting bad …Read More

Recovered lost images for Brisbane photographer

Damien Bredberg is one of Australia’s most sought after professional photographers. A specialist in commercial and advertising photography, he has been producing international award winning images for over a decade. On completion of each project his clients are provided with a portfolio of the final high quality images. Bredberg then archives all material associated with the project on one of three external hard drives and creates backups for extra safety. …Read More