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Does Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions have anything to do with data loss?

Sometimes marketing experts lead the ordinary computer user (or even IT adminitrators) in the wrong direction such as with the term „Data Loss Prevention (DLP) “. When you search the internet for tools which prevents you from losing data in your system for example when you suffer a hardware or software failure, you sometimes see this term on your computer screen. But in contrast to what one might think, this …Read More

The evolution of storage: File storage vs.Block storage vs. Object storage – Part 1

More data is transfered and generated globally than ever before. The analysts from IDC are expecting that by 2025 the global datasphere will grow to 163 zettabytes. That is an increase by more than 1000 % from the 16,1 ZB of data of 2016. The reasons for this vast increase of data are various: A lot of more sources and devices are generating data than before – embedded systems and …Read More

Can you recover bitcoins yourself or should you consult an expert?

This question is still a very hot topic for all owners of bitcoins. Even though most of the so-called bitcoin owners in reality don´t really own a bitcoin or parts of it, and only have an account on one of the many crypto currency exchanges around the world and the internet, some people do. It was (and sometimes still is) possible to buy a real bitcoin over the internet. All …Read More

All-Flash Arrays: Benefits and disadvantages

All-Flash Arrays: Benefits and disadvantages With more and more storage and speed needed in the age of big data, All-Flash Arrays sound like the perfect solution to handle huge amounts of data. And since the prices for both Flash NAND chips as well as SSDs (solid state disks) have fallen over the years, these questions arise: What is an All-Flash Array? And why should I go for an All-Flash Array? …Read More

Make your devices secure and GDPR compliant, before a costly data leak occurs

When you think of data security and data breaches many company executives who are not familiar with this topic think that a high fence, cameras and a security guard at the entrance will do the job. But as many cases and the most recent ransomaware attacs have shown, this is definitely not enough. And not having a bullet-prove data security process in effect, is even more risky than ever! The …Read More