Hobart Data Recovery Services

Ontrack Australia can provide customers in Hobart with data recovery solutions. With our industry-leading tools and the largest, most advanced clean room in Australia, Ontrack gives you the best chance of retrieving your data.

If you’re unable to deliver your media in person, we can provide free shipping to send your media to us.

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Types of data recovery

Ontrack can help Hobart customers recover data from any device which stores digital information.

Hard Drive

Data loss from media damage (a crash) and logical failures can pose a big problem. Ontrack provides the best solutions for data retrieval for Hobart customers. If your hard drive is no longer detected and making noises, our data recovery engineers are trained in every make and model and will give you the best chance of data recovery.

We’re authorised by the major HDD manufacturers to unseal hard drives without voiding the warranty

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Solid State Drives

From faulty controllers and NAND to water damaged SSDs after spills on laptops, we’re equipped with the knowledge and facilities to help. Cooperating with leading manufacturers and utilising several R&D engineering teams around the world, gives us the best advantage in recovering data from your solid state drive.

SSD and flash technology pose different challenges. That’s why Ontrack has dedicated engineers to research and keep up to date with all the modern technologies.

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Servers and RAIDs

Whether you’re a large enterprise or run a small business, your servers hold essential data. So, in the event of a server failure and your web, VM, virtual or file server is inaccessible, data recovery should be your top priority. Ontrack provides solutions to faults with all configurations of RAID, SAN and NAS systems.

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our experts can help – no matter when the emergency occurs.

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Our expert data recovery engineers have extensive experience and knowledge in repairing Apple iPhones from a wide range of issues including water contamination, physical damage from knocks and falls, and logical issues. We give Hobart customers the best chance of getting personal information back from a failed device.

We have certified Macintosh technicians who perform data recoveries on Apple products, and we are able to retain the Apple warranty on all devices.

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Tape Services

Ontrack specialises in Cataloguing, Migrating and Restoring tape data. Our tape services consist of:

  • Streamlining your data storage and saving costs on archiving and backup technology.
  • Restoring and migrating specific items granularly.
  • Quickly recovering and producing information on tapes.
  • Recovering data from damaged or corrupted tapes.
  • Securely deleting data with a certificate of erasure.
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DIY Data Recovery

If your device is working and has no signs of physical damage, do-it-yourself data recovery is an option. Our data recovery software can recover missing files and recover data from corrupt, damaged or formatted volumes.

Try using Ontrack EasyRecovery and retreive your files, folders, documents, photos, videos and more.

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A transparent service

We complete a free evaluation of your media within 24 hours and provide guaranteed results before you pay.

Data Recovery from $550 (inc GST)

Our fixed quotes are all inclusive. They cover GST, the cost of the new backup media for your data and return shipping*.

*Return shipping up to 3kg. Heavier items will incur additional charges.

No upfront fees and no data no fee policy

Our transparent service means you only pay if we can recover your data.

Why choose us?

While other companies claim to be world leaders, here are the facts:

  1. Ontrack is the oldest and largest Data Recovery company in the world. We performed the World’s First Data Recovery way back in 1987 and have been building on that experience and expertise ever since.

  2. Ontrack offer completely transparent and honest pricing and services. The prices we quote are all inclusive, and are the most you will ever pay for a data recovery through us. We do not have any hidden fees, or escalated pricing for “difficult” or “special” cases.

  3. Ontrack have unrivalled resources in the Data Recovery market. In addition to a team of local, Australian Data Recovery experts, we have a worldwide network of hundreds of engineers and developers ready to assist if required.

  4. We’ve seen your problem before. Worldwide, Ontrack complete over 50,000 recoveries every year – from memory cards right up to the most complex Enterprise Data Storage systems. No matter what your issue is, or how you’ve lost your data, we’ve seen it before and can give you the very best chance to recover your data.

  5. Every week in Australia we recover data from media that other companies have deemed unrecoverable. The first attempt at Data Recovery is generally the best chance you have at recovering your data, so bring it to the people who can get it back the first time.

They don't call us the world leader for nothing...

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Start recovering your data!

Contact our team of experts. Ontrack accommodates everyone – from the largest government or enterprise organisation to an individual who may have lost their digital photos and everyone in between.

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DIY data recovery

If your storage device is working properly and without signs of physical damage, do-it-yourself data recovery is an option. Formatted drive? Deleted files? Software failure? Try our ‘best in class’ data recovery software.

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