All types of tape media and in any condition

Our team of industry experts can help you take control of your tape library. We use proprietary tools that allow us to read and recover from any tape type, no matter how they were originally backed up or if you no longer have the original infrastructure.

Even if your tapes are damaged, undetected by a drive or you have a bespoke or outdated backup system; we’ve got a dedicated R&D team on standby to build custom solutions for any situation.

RAID Recovery

What’s included?

All of our tape catalogue projects are tailored to your exact requirements, but a basic solution usually includes:

  • Detailed data integrity and inconsistency reports
  • Support for all tape and media formats
  • Media health and degradation check
  • A dedicated and experienced Project Manager to guide you through the process

What’s next?

Depending on your requirements, once we’ve created your new tape catalogue you can view and manage your data to suit your needs:

Restore individual files

Need a specific file? Our team can let you know if it exists within the set of tapes you’ve sent us. If it does, we’ll get it extracted and securely shipped back to you on an encrypted external USB drive.

Keep a copy for auditing

Download your catalogue from our secure FTP site so you can hold a record for compliance purposes. This is a text file which you can keep and search for files whenever required.

Find out more about our tape services in our information sheet .

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