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A view from the bullpen, are you ready when the phone rings?


If you stop and consider the complexities of an IT Department, you can draw many similarities between a baseball pitcher in the bullpen and a systems administrator.  Imagine it’s the bottom of the seventh inning when the phone rings, telling you to start warming up.  You know what your job requires and you have done it before, but were you really ready for the call? What things have you considered, or alternatively, not considered?

An IT systems administrator is in a similar position.  It could be late in the day, on a Friday none the less, when the phone rings and the Director of Human Resources has an urgent request for an employee’s mailbox from the past year.  To complicate matters, the Director needed this information yesterday.

To give the average corporate employee credit, the majority consider this to be a simple task; however most individuals are unfamiliar with the challenges of Exchange server recovery.

As a systems administrator, there are a variety of challenges to consider.  Do you have space for restores or even Exchange recovery servers ready for deployment?  Are you a PowerShell expert and do you have scripts ready for extraction?

If the answer is yes, you are probably in the minority. But what if you’re a systems administrator with a tool that can accomplish this type of task in minutes? Ontrack PowerControls is one way you can answer the call and quickly get the data you need while saving yourself the traditional headaches associated with these tasks.

So the question is, when the game is on the line and that phone rings are you ready for the call?

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