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A Pro’s Perspective on Exchange Recovery and Other Thoughts

A happy day wish to all of the readers as spring is upon us – or it was until the Midwest was hit with a snow storm.  I guess spring is in a bit of a holding pattern.  So much for global warming.

Despite the dreary weather, I recently had the privilege to be on a webinar with J. Peter Bruzzese, Microsoft Certified Trainer and CIO and co-founder of Clip Training.  For those of you that didn’t have a chance to attend, it’s hosted on MSExchange.org and can be replayed here.  To hear someone so tuned into Exchange talk candidly about the process gaps and challenges within the native toolset helps justify ISPs and our mission.  At Kroll Ontrack, we are about making your life easier by simplifying tasks and helping when disaster occurs.

It also happens to be the season for trade shows and technology events.  Kroll Ontrack will be at SMB Nation, EMC World, and TechEd.  I personally will be at EMC World and TechEd.  If you are attending any of these shows, please stop by to say “Hi” to our team, share some of your data recovery and exchange recovery stories, and register for one of our drawings!

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