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An Exchange Administrator’s Message Recall Nightmare


As an Exchange Administrator, what would you do when faced with a message recall nightmare?

Sending an Email to the Wrong Group

A user carefully crafts an email full of proprietary information exclusively for the executive team. They triple check the grammar, structure, and punctuation to perfection. When on the last step, failure of epic proportion strikes. They select the wrong group of recipients and hit send. The email is sent to the executive team and half of the company. Within minutes your phone rings and when you answer, sheer panic from the other end. Their oversight has just become your nightmare. If you are part of a smaller company, mitigating the problem is probably not as large of a task but what if you are part of a multi-national company with thousands of employees?

The answer may be as simple as instructing the user to recall the message, but where is the guarantee in that process? How do you really know if that has worked? If you are fortunate enough to have the latest and greatest versions of Exchange (2010 or 2013), you could perform the discovery process, but only if you have that enabled. What other tools or processes do you have to locate and purge this information from the unintended users?

Can I Purge the Message?

With few options out there, what is your game plan? What if I told you there is a simple and affordable option available to you? What if I told you that you could easily search across all mailboxes, or maybe just the ones you know received this unintended message, within your live environment and purged within seconds? What if I told you it is installed, configured, and running in under 10 minutes? Do I have your attention now?

Wipe that sweat off your brow and take a deep breath. Ontrack® PowerControls™ can rid you of your message recall nightmares. It does so much more than just “save your bacon” in this situation and it happens to be extremely easy to use. Register for our weekly live demos today and see how many minutes, hours, or days you can save! Sweet dreams!

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