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Current Collections Tools Got You Down? Update Your Toolbox Today!

When an organization is investigated or involved in litigation, the investigative team needs to identify the risk areas and required data to be reviewed. It can then work with the IT department or a third party to perform the forensic collections.  It’s very important that the right techniques and tools are used so the collected metadata remains exactly as it was on the servers or machines it originated from.

How data is collected throughout the world varies, but typically, the IT department is primarily responsible for performing the collections, given that they have access to various people’s server locations and are also able to image desktops or remotely collect data. When collecting data from Exchange or SharePoint environments, IT administrators typically have to sift through several years’ worth of information and sometimes across multiple versions Exchange and SharePoint.  It’s not the kind of task that native tools can handle efficiently. This is what makes Ontrack PowerControls a valuable ediscovery tool for both of these environments.

Ontrack PowerControls can extract data from the Exchange and SharePoint backups located on disk or tape without requiring an Exchange environment to be setup or running the backup software. It’s a more effective and efficient path for getting to the data than using the backup software or the Microsoft native tools. In fact, many times the organization no longer has the older versions of Exchange or backup software. Besides the significant time, resource and cost savings, Ontrack PowerControls preserves the metadata through the collections process, ensuring that data integrity is never compromised.

Where other tools will grab everything in a backup, Ontrack PowerControls allows users to search and filter down to specific mailboxes, messages and files that they want and bring only those items back.  From there, the software allows users to copy them to a target location which can either be an Exchange location (which is common when we’re doing migrations or restores) or export it to a PST or some other network location, which is a more common location for ediscovery and further downstream analysis.

The top 20 ediscovery service providers in the United States are currently using Ontrack PowerControls for their collections needs. You should be too.  Get started with your Free Trial today!

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