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And the Top Data Disaster of all time is……

As 2013 is ending, so has our Data Disasters Hall of Fame voting.  Reflecting on the last 11 years of Data Disasters has been a blast.  Fond memories of insects and bullet holes make us feel fortunate that our data is intact.  Out of all of our stories, one story chosen by YOU, outshines the rest. Drum roll please!

The honor of Top Data Disaster of All Time goes to “Roasted Laptop!”

“A gentleman put his laptop into the kitchen oven prior to leaving for vacation in order to protect it from burglars. Just in case the house was broken into while away. His wife came home and got to the oven before he did to roast a chicken. The oven cooked not only the chicken, but the drive too.”

A big “THANK YOU!” to all who participated by voting.  The Data Disasters Hall of Fame is still live if you would like to review all of the candidates for the Top Data Disaster of All Time.  We wish you and your data all the best in 2014.

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