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World Backup Day Needs a Hero Like You!

World Backup Day is just around the corner (March 31st) and I am left pondering why data backup is not a more common practice. For example, I recently purchased a new computer.

It had been a while since I perused websites for the latest and greatest but I made sure I investigated my options thoroughly and came to a decision on a shiny new laptop.

What I expected to happen when I arrived at my electronics chain store of choice was an onslaught offering of warranties, peripherals and extras.  The entire portfolio of what a big name store has to offer. To my surprise, this was only a very quick inquiry as to whether I wanted to extend my manufacturer’s warranty to cover damage and replacement. “No thanks” and off to the register we went.

Now, perhaps I’m a bit biased when I expected my sales person to at least ask how I planned to backup my shiny new laptop. Nope. Maybe inquire if I had even considered the option to hook up a new external drive to cover the potential 1 Terabyte of storage? Nope. I’m hoping this may have been the oversight of the individual and not the sales policy of said store.

Working for Kroll Ontrack, I know that data recovery isn’t a matter of if, but when. This known fact therefore presents an opportunity for retailers to not only upsell with a service and/or external backup option, but also to be the hero when the inevitable happens.

One repeating mantra that has been chanted in the storage world: “Backup! Backup! Backup!” It’s not a new concept but it still eludes many people, even in the industry which sells those solutions! World Backup Day was declared by Reddit users as an annual reminder for everyone.

In a Kroll Ontrack data loss survey, statistics indicate that 29 percent of data is lost as a result of hardware failure and 27 percent is due to human error. Other causes include software errors (7 percent), computer viruses (7 percent) and natural disasters such as floods or fires (3 percent).  There are many issues that contribute to data loss. Are you ready for them?

With World Backup Day approaching you can be your own ‘data hero.’ Make sure you practice the same advice to protect family photos, music and important data and backup, backup, backup!

Curious about what could be lost? Calculate your risk factor with our Data Calculator.

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