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Wearable Technology

With the emergence of wearable technology, life could get pretty interesting over the next 10 years. Could you imagine having the ability to charge your smartphone just by taking a little walk around the office? Maybe you wouldn’t even need a smartphone, how about a watch that replaces it? Very James Bond! These are concepts that are already in development and not that far away from mainstream production.

Let’s go a little deeper, under your skin that is. How about a computer chip in your hand that unlocks your PC or pays for your groceries? Say a happy “Good-Bye” to remembering passwords or worrying about your credit card getting stolen! Some individuals are already experimenting with this concept, but there are serious physical risks involved.

Looking even deeper, researchers are starting the process of writing data to DNA. As of right now, they are not writing the data to an actual human’s DNA. The short overview of the process is that they translate the data into the DNA chemical sequence and then send it to a company who creates custom DNA with that sequence. Will we be performing data recoveries from humans in the future? Maybe…maybe not. As of right now, the process of storing data to DNA is very expensive, time-consuming and requires an extraordinary amount of knowledge to accomplish it.

The concept of wearable technology (not including data storage via DNA), alleviates some stress in today’s world, but new stresses will be added. What will wearable technology do to a work place? Many companies now have a BYOD policy in place. Does that include Google Glass? Will they allow email to be received on your smart watch? How will they secure that information?

To the individual, the emergence of these technologies should make life easier, right? Businesses will learn to adjust through a series of trial and errors just like they did for the desktop computer, laptops, tablets and smart phones. What are your feelings on wearable technology? Cool? Scary? Will we become the dreaded Borg race? Let us know.

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