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SSD Recovery: Going Over the Results of Ontrack’s Global Survey

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Recently, Ontrack conducted a survey of consumers and businesses using SSDs and reconfirmed that SSDs are not immune to data loss, just like all media types. About 30% of respondents have experienced an issue with their SSDs. Of that 30%, over half (61%) needed an SSD recovery and fewer than 20% were successful in recovering that lost data.

When it comes to SSD technology there is some added complexity in regards to data recovery. The data is typically scattered across several chips and the pattern used to write the data is different with each manufacturer. Ontrack collaborates with major SSD manufacturers to increase the odds of success with data recovery for SSDs. Our relationship with these manufacturers along with our experience and proprietary methods gives us a winning edge over any other data recovery company.

We received survey responses from over 2,000 people across the globe. They illustrated the growing popularity of SSD technology with over three-fourths using SSDs in laptop and/or mobile environments, 60% in desktop computers and 20% in server environments. The strongest adoption driver noted by this group was the performance and speed of the SSD over traditional hard disk drives (HDD).

SSD technology enables data to be retrieved faster than a standard HDD. HDDs still have the upper-hand as far as storage capacity and cost per GB, but SSDs are slowly bridging that gap. It will be interesting to witness the change in SSD technology and in the market over the next few years.

For more information on our survey results, read the full press release.

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