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By Popular Demand: Encryption Verification Service

One of the things I really love about working for Kroll Ontrack is that our team really listens to our clients. Not only do we listen, but we go above and beyond  our normal service offerings to provide solutions for them. I’m not just talking about the new data recovery solutions we develop every day; we provide other data solutions as well. Our award-winning Erasure Verification Service that was mentioned in the last blog was developed because of clients requesting the need for third-party proof of data erasure.  Most recently, we created an Encryption Verification Service to fulfill a growing number of requests from some of our other clients.

When I first heard about Encryption Verification Service, I asked our team: “Why do our clients request this service?” I am sure you are thinking the same thing as I was at this point in time: “Once data on media is encrypted, it should all be encrypted, right?” Well, the answer to my question is in the question: “should.” How do we know? Better yet, how do you prove that all of the data is encrypted when someone else asks you to? That is how this service was born. Our clients needed proof to show their customers that the sensitive data they were responsible for was being encrypted completely.

Kroll Ontrack engineering went to work. Our clients perform their normal encryption process on their media and send it to us. Our engineering team uses proprietary tools and techniques to explore all of the sectors on the media to ensure all of the data is 100% encrypted. Once the process was complete, we provide our clients with a Verification Report that they could in turn provide to their customers.

When you are asked about your encryption process, wouldn’t it be reassuring to know that it has been validated by a third party? Most people think of Kroll Ontrack as the leader in data recovery, but I encourage you to think outside the box. If you have a data need where you think we might be able to assist, reach out to us. I am sure our team will do what we can to take care of you and your data.

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