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Fact or Fiction: Are you a Data Management Expert?

Summer is winding down and a lot of people are taking vacation time to savor the last days of nice weather. Let’s have a little fun this week and test your knowledge to see if you are a Data Management Expert.

The following statements on data management could be fact or fiction. Add your answers in the comments, or keep a log of them somewhere safe. We will post our answers in the next blog. Good luck!

  1. One of the main objectives of ISO27018 is to improve the trust of clients storing data to the cloud.
  2. No one uses tape for data storage anymore. It is an out of date technology and manufacturers have done nothing to update it in the last 5 years.
  3. Formatting a volume allows for the recovery of the data from a corrupt volume.
  4. Software Defined Storage (SDS) makes it theoretically possible to combine the software and hardware from different manufacturers to operate together resulting in an enormous improvement in performance.
  5. A solid state drive (SSD) retrieves data faster than a traditional hard disk drive (HDD), but HDDs have the ability to store a larger capacity of data at a lower cost per GB.
  6. Rebuilding two drives at the same time from a failed RAID 5 will recover the missing data from the two failed drives.
  7. A proven data destruction method is an important step in data management and ensures data security for end-of-life data.
  8. Moving (copy then delete) all of the files from a volume before doing data recovery is the best approach.
  9. Native Microsoft® Exchange tools are the fastest resource for collecting Outlook® email data.
  10. Server virtualization enables servers to run multiple operations on one server versus the single operation the hardware was designed to implement.

Feeling confident? Check back Thursday, September 3rd to score your answers.

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