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Ontrack® DataAdvisor™ helps global IT service company provide legacy restores to its client

One of the most time consuming, costly and difficult tasks IT teams have are data migrations or a change in IT service providers. These projects are often due to a decision to change server or hardware products, data center location or service partners. In some cases the decision is made by the client because of a broader decision to bring together multiple IT infrastructures under one single service provider in order to consolidate the hardware.

A client’s request

The latter was the case in a multi-million British pound contract a global IT services company worked on for a large shipping company. The backup tape archive consisted of more than 80000 tapes which the client gathered over a decade. The formats used were a mix ranging from LTO 1 to 6 as well as others. The tapes held data from multiple outdated backup products.

Due to technical, physical and financial constraints they could not be transitioned to the new system. However, the data from these backups still needed to be accessible for a variety of purposes and therefore required migration to a legacy restore service.

A new solution had to be found. The global IT services corporation found it in Kroll Ontrack’s Tape Management Services and its new product, Ontrack® DataAdvisor™. With the new tape management solution the content of the old backup tapes can now be easily searched and located via an easy-to-use web interface.

Migrating data to a new solution

The first step for the client was to provide the backup catalog database files, which were uploaded to Kroll Ontrack via a secure FTP site. Kroll Ontrack’s development engineers converted the multiple files into a single common format, which was completely independent from the previous backup software catalogs. The new catalogs were ingested into the Ontrack DataAdvisor solution, which provided a consolidated snapshot of all the legacy backup catalogs in a single, easy-to-view inventory. All associated backup tapes were then moved to a secure storage facility, with the responsibility for ongoing archive management and data restoration services transitioned to Kroll Ontrack.

With this combined solution of tape management and migration services as well as the Ontrack DataAdvisor web portal, the IT services corporation is now able to quickly respond to any of their client´s legacy restore requests and meet strict SLA´s.

Using Ontrack DataAdvisor

Employees of the IT service corporation are now able to easily identify the content of their client’s tapes and locate needed files by using the Ontrack DataAdvisor web portal. A data recovery request for any required data can be created by the customer; the exact tapes would then be identified and recalled from storage for restoration.

With this process in place, the end client is now able to meet all regulatory and legal obligations with regards to storing legacy data on tape. This solution did not require the implementation of any new technology by the IT service company or their client. Furthermore, using the technology services delivered by Kroll Ontrack negated the need for a legacy restore environment that would require costly ongoing licensing of multiple servers and backup applications.

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