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Who you gonna call? Myth busters!

Beware! Home remedies can sometimes go wrong and make data loss even worse… or actually make no difference in trying to get the data back. Not knowing how to distinguish between what’s true and myth when it comes to data recovery could potentially risk your data even further. Test your knowledge as we dispel the most popular data recovery myths. Let’s tackle some of these myths and set a few things straight.


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If you’ve ever experienced a data loss event, you know that feeling of panic.  Attempting to try and save the data and deciphering which method might actually help get it back (or make the situation worse) is always difficult.

It’s our natural reaction to do all that we can do to help save our data but sometimes this can cause more harm than good.  Any DIY data recovery attempt will come with its own set of risks. It’s down to you, as the owner of the device, to weigh up the pros and cons of attempting the recovery but I would always recommend that if you are unsure, it is best to seek advice from a professional so as not to risk making the loss worse, and in some cases even permanent.

Your score

 1-3 correct

Are you sure you know what a computer is? Do electronics explode as you walk past? Please don’t even think of opening up your device. For your own safety, and those around you, please call the recovery experts directly.

4-7 correct

You know your Samsung from your iPhone, not too shabby.  If you have an emergency, you’ve got a pretty good chance of getting the data back – or at least of not making the situation worse.

8 or more correct

Looks like you’re ready to join the IT crowd. You know your 1’s from your 0’s. Ever thought of a career in IT?  Well done!



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