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The Need for Emergency Recovery Services

As businesses rely more and more on digital systems and data to improve the delivery of their goods and services, the need for emergency data recovery rises.  When a data center experiences downtime the company not only is at risk of losing revenue, but it could face costly fines for goods and services that weren’t delivered as well.  Every minute counts when data loss in an enterprise storage environment occurs.

In three emergency data recovery cases from last year conducted in the data recovery labs in the United States, business was brought to a halt as a result of lost data.

The first case involved a global bandwidth provider who accidentally deleted 2 terabytes of virtual data critical to the day-to-day business.  As with any emergency case, the need for the data was “as soon as possible.”  Within three days the engineers at Kroll Ontrack were able to rebuild the missing data and deliver it back to the customer.

The second emergency case was with a technology consulting firm that experienced a power spike on their RAID controller.  Both RAID 1 hard drives were disabled causing data loss on both 500 GB drives.  Due to the damage to the drives, a professional grade cleanroom was required to recover the data.  The engineers at Kroll Ontrack placed the recovery into high priority and fully recovered the data.

The final case involved an industrial design and engineering company that experienced a power failure and was unable to access their virtualized storage.  This was time-sensitive data needed in order to meet critical customer deadlines.  The engineers at Kroll Ontrack were able to use their proprietary Remote Data Recovery solution to speed up the recovery process.  The engineers connected to the customer over a secure internet connection, repaired their VMFS volumes to allow access to the virtual disks, and extracted the files.  The data was returned back to the customer in time to meet their customer deadlines.

When business critical data is lost, time is of the essence.

Kroll Ontrack is seeing an influx of emergency requests for businesses large and small.  When data is lost, it can result in financial losses and put the business itself into jeopardy.  A data loss emergency can happen at any time, so Kroll Ontrack always has an engineer on call to answer twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.


Picture copyright: Kroll Ontrack GmbH

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