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Introducing the Kroll Ontrack Data Academy

data academy

On a daily basis, our data recovery engineers are busy recovering precious data for our customers, but have you ever wondered about the “magic” that goes on behind the scenes?  If so, we invite you to sign up for the first course in the Kroll Ontrack Data Academy, where one of our own data recovery engineers will share their knowledge with you and reveal the secrets of the data you store on your hard drive.

The Data Recovery course is now open and will cover the following topics:

  • What is actually lost on the disk when a data loss occurs
  • What are the chances of recovering the data
  • How to track down data on the disk
  • What is the actual work that takes place in the laboratory
  • The golden rule of every data recovery engineer

The Data Erasure course will be the next topic added to the Data Academy, so please subscribe and we’ll notify you when it’s available.

At the end of each lesson, you will have the opportunity to provide feedback, so if you have any comments, questions, or want to add something – let us know!

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