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Developing a Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery Plan

The ever-increasing amount of data has become a huge challenge to companies in the last couple of years. The method of gathering, processing, transferring and storing data in internal or external data centers is becoming more common than ever before. Big Data analysis is becoming a mainstream trend in companies and is becoming more affordable. However, with more and more data, the risk of becoming a victim of data loss …Read More

The Impact of Windows Server 2016 on Data Recovery (Pt. 2)

In the first part of this article, we explained the benefits and challenges concerning the new file system, ReFS v3, intended for storage use in Windows Server 2016.  We now want to focus on another technology which has a deep impact on data recovery in case of loss – Storage Spaces and Storage Spaces Direct. Storage Spaces Direct: Microsoft´s answer to VMWare vSAN making data recovery even more complex Storage …Read More

How to Best Protect your Virtual Environments from Data Loss

After more than a decade since the release of virtual environments, a new study by Gartner states that the virtualization market is now mature. What the experts found is that even though the worldwide virtualization market has yet again increased by almost 6 percent to reach $5.6 billion USD, they do not expect large gains in the future. What they found is majority of large companies have already virtualized their …Read More

Office 365: Tips for Managing Cloud Backups

Office 365 – Different subscription models, different backup possibilities. One of the most frequently talked about topics in the IT field is the cloud. It seems to be almost everywhere, and as we have pointed out in previous blogs, there are definitely some advantages to this concept. By reducing capital costs – licensing, hardware, and software – companies are able to streamline and improve accessibility and flexibility across the organization. …Read More