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Case Studies

Decades Worth of Data Recovered from Hurricane Harvey

As you all have seen on TV – or might have been affected by yourself – Hurricane Harvey was one of the costliest hurricanes to ever hit the United States. Last year it made landfall in late August and with it came catastrophic rainfall-triggered flooding in the Houston metropolitan area and other regions in its path. Since the storm was so huge, it was soaked up and pushed water from …Read More

Ontrack Saved Original Digital Footage of “I Was a Swiss Banker” from Tapes

In 2007, the Swiss feature film “I WAS A SWISS BANKER” was released in cinemas. The film is about a young banker smuggling German black money across the border to Switzerland. In one of his smuggling tours things go wrong: He can save himself and the purse with great difficulty in front of the customs` officers by jumping in the Lake of Constance. Here he meets a variety of mystical …Read More

Virtual Machine Gone Missing: Ontrack to the Rescue

A government entity experienced a grim situation when a synchronization error with vSAN 6 cluster drives caused the hosts to repeatedly crash.  There were 56 drives, each 1 TB in size.  After one host crashed, a Windows server Virtual Machine (VM) went missing.  When you lose confidential files and sensitive materials, it is easy to begin thinking the worst.  Data recovery specialists were able to find the lost data.  Here’s …Read More

How Difficult is NAS Server Recovery?

So, you think recovering a NAS server is an easy task?  Well, think again.  NAS servers may be a lower-cost RAID based solution aimed at small to medium sized companies, but technically, they are as complex and difficult to recover from as some of the high-end storage systems.  Since most NAS systems today have modern features similar to those of high-end SANs, like de-duplication, virtualization support and iSCSI targeting, the …Read More

Beware: Loud Noise Can Cause Data Loss on Hard Drives

Almost everybody has heard about the noise that hard drives can make when they are about to fail.  This is a likely indication that time for the drive has come to an end and you will experience a data loss if you do not do something soon. However, what most people (and even some experts) don’t realize is that noise itself can be the cause of a severe hard drive …Read More