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Information Management

Erasure verification: Does my organization need it?

In a recent blog, we discussed the methods of data erasure; most organizations have a technique or protocol in place, but how can they be sure that it’s 100% effective and that every trace of data has gone? There are also circumstances where clients ask for third-party proof of the erasure process for regulatory purposes. The answer is erasure verification. What is erasure verification? When an organization wishes to repurpose …Read More

How to Choose an IT Asset Disposal Provider

Whether you are relocating, refreshing your IT estate or heading to the cloud – you will undoubtedly generate redundant IT hardware and as a result, will need to ensure that you erase any residing data on that equipment. When choosing to trust a new partner to manage your IT asset disposal and confidential data, you can often face a dilemma. How do you know you’re making the right choice? What …Read More