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How to Choose an IT Asset Disposal Provider

Whether you are relocating, refreshing your IT estate or heading to the cloud – you will undoubtedly generate redundant IT hardware and as a result, will need to ensure that you erase any residing data on that equipment. When choosing to trust a new partner to manage your IT asset disposal and confidential data, you can often face a dilemma. How do you know you’re making the right choice? What …Read More

Intel Optane Memory: Everything You Need To Know

Intel® has introduced the newest type of data storage in over thirty years. Intel Optane Memory is a system acceleration solution for new 7th Gen Intel® Core™ processor platforms.  Intel and Micron teamed up in 2012 and began developing a new type of memory storage that removes flaws that NAND flash has.  They call it 3D Xpoint (pronounced as “crosspoint”). Intel Optane Memory Features – 3D Xpoint This product really is 3D.  …Read More

How the Internet of Things has Changed Computer Forensics

More and more Internet of Things (IoT) devices have been entering the market recently, with the most prominent product being Amazon´s Echo and its smaller counterpart, Echo Dot along with Google Home. What do these devices do? The Echo and Echo Dot are pretty straight-forward.  Users can play music, set an alarm and manage calendars.  The user can also activate “skills”, as extensions, in order to add more functions to …Read More

What Does the Future Hold for NAND Manufacturing?

In 2013, Samsung, Toshiba and SanDisk lead the global NAND flash market and in 2016, Western Digital made moves to purchase SanDisk in a deal worth nearly $19 billion. Now Toshiba, with joint venture partner Western Digital, is looking to sell its NAND flash memory unit in order to avoid bankruptcy.  As Toshiba searches for its buyer, the number of NAND manufacturers looks to be consolidating further. Price Hikes and …Read More