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Top 5 Data Recovery Cases of 2017

Our data recovery engineers in our labs and cleanrooms around the world receive a great number of data recovery cases every year. Some of those cases are quite easy to fix with the right tools and the necessary experience, but some are more than just tricky even for the most experienced engineers. This year our US engineers – with the help of their colleagues around the world – had to …Read More

Video: iPhone Battery Testing with a Multimeter and Fast Charge Activation Circuit Board

Ontrack is long known for its expertise in recovering data from hard disk drives, SSDs, RAID, and NAS systems as well as high-end server and storage systems from brands like EMC/Dell, HP and many others. But we are also capable of recovering data from smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices through our own dedicated mobile data recovery team, consisting of highly specialized engineers who know the tricks involved in …Read More

GDPR and Erasure Verification Services

With just weeks left until the European GDPR regulation gets into full effect on May 25th and fines up to 4% of the global annual turnover for companies and organization who do not comply to the rules, managers should check if they are able to securely erase data and files on demand, when ordered. Remember: In article 17, the GDPR introduces a new right for individuals to have their personal …Read More

The Last Minute GDPR Checklist

The last minute GDPR checklist With only a month left getting ready for GDPR is essential. On May 25th the new EU General Data Protection Regulation will get into full effect and from this date on huge fines can be imposed upon those companies that take data protection not seriously. A last check if your GDPR implementation is accurate and secure is therefore a good thing to do for the …Read More

Ontrack Saved Original Digital Footage of “I Was a Swiss Banker” from Tapes

In 2007, the Swiss feature film “I WAS A SWISS BANKER” was released in cinemas. The film is about a young banker smuggling German black money across the border to Switzerland. In one of his smuggling tours things go wrong: He can save himself and the purse with great difficulty in front of the customs` officers by jumping in the Lake of Constance. Here he meets a variety of mystical …Read More