Five Critical Document Review Decisions You Cannot Afford to Ignore

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

In the era of technology assisted review and predictive coding, performing a cost effective, quality document review can seem like an overwhelming endeavor. Throw in the explosion of Big Data, and it may feel like a next-to impossible feat. But, have no fear. Kroll Ontrack’s expert team members have been in the trenches of document review for years, and have literally seen it all. This webinar will guide you through the most important decisions to make on your next document review. From selecting the right technology to ensuring that you don’t need to re-review documents, attend this webinar to benefit from the experience of Kroll Ontrack’s experts.

Join two Kroll Ontrack document review experts as they discuss five critical decision points from their review experiences to help you have a successful and efficient document review on your next ediscovery project.

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