Apr 2 2018

Ontrack presents new release of World Backup Day

Jan 8 2018

Kroll Ontrack Announces Global Rebrand to Ontrack

Dec 14 2017

Ontrack Continues to Donate Data Recovery Services for Those Impacted by California Wildfires

Kroll Ontrack Continues to Donate Data Recovery Services for Businesses & Residents Impacted by California Wildfires
Oct 24 2017

Ontrack presents new release of Ontrack® EasyRecovery™ with enhanced features for Windows® and MacOS®

Kroll Ontrack has released a new Ontrack EasyRecovery software with enhanced features for Windows and MacOS.
Jul 27 2017

Internet tips for DIY data recovery to blame for permanent data loss

Jun 28 2017

Virtual platforms are victims of data loss due to their own mistakes

The data recovery specialists at Kroll Ontrack discovered that after almost a decade of recovering data from virtualized servers the causes of data loss in the most popular hypervisor platforms (VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V) remains almost unchanged.
Dec 13 2016

Data Storage Trends: Will spinning disks be around in 2020?

As older data storage technologies make way for newer technologies, check out these predictions for the future of the industry.
Dec 1 2016

Survey: More than 50% of companies run multiple backup solutions

Maintaining multiple legacy backup solutions significantly increases tape management costs and exposes the business to unnecessary risk. Kroll Ontrack recently surveyed 819 global IT administrators on the processes and challenges associated with effective tape management and archiving.
May 31 2016

Survey: Data loss from solid state disk (SSD) technology increases with wider adoption

In a recent Kroll Ontrack survey, nearly 2,000 global respondents indicated they are increasingly adopting solid state disk (SSD) technology and other advanced storage technologies, with 92 percent claiming to use SSD technology currently. Along the same lines, Kroll Ontrack has seen SSD recoveries become a larger percentage of the full mix of media types on which data recovery is performed.
Mar 31 2016

Ontrack Survey: Buyers look to cloud backup solutions over physical storage

World Backup Day on March 31 highlights the importance of having a complete, tested backup solution in place when data loss occurs. The cloud is becoming an increasingly popular option for businesses and consumers looking to add or modify their backup solution.
Mar 15 2016

Ontrack Research: One-third of companies experience data loss when moving data

Kroll Ontrack warns that one-third of organizations lose data while migrating between devices or upgrading operating systems. In a global survey of nearly 600 IT administrators, over half of respondents had a backup solution in place at time of loss, 75 percent were not able to restore all of their lost data, and more than one-in-five unable to recover any data at all.