Can encrypted data be too safe? [video]

26 August 2013 by Pedro Vasconcelos

Keeping your data safe is important, and there are many different ways to ensure no-one but you has access to your files.

One of the most common methods of protecting data (both on a personal and a corporate scale) is to use encryption. There are numerous programs you can use for this and in the past year we have seen a big increase in the number of encrypted jobs in for recovery, not only from home users but also from large businesses.

Many people who encrypt their data don't think about the possibility of the encryption software - or their hardware- failing: it is not uncommon for the encryption process to go wrong and data become irretrievable.

In this video we explore the notion that (from a data recovery point-of-view) your data can be too safe, especially when we consider the complexities of recovering data from encrypted media where either the software has failed, or users are unable to provide us with passwords or recovery files.

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