Meet the Engineer: Shaad Subhan

06 December 2013 by Milagros Gamero

What is your name?

Shaad Subhan

What exactly do you do at Kroll Ontrack?

Primarily tape engineer but also data recovery

How long have you been at Kroll Ontrack?

6 years

What is your most unusual/challenging/interesting recovery to date?

We received a few flood and fire damaged tapes that contained a customer's critical data and therefore needed it recovered. The tapes required a lot of cleaning due to the damage caused by the water and re-casing due to the damage caused by the fire. After a lot of hard work and using our proprietary tools and recovery techniques we were able to get the majority of the data back. It is always a nice feeling to get customers data back, especially from what looks like an impossible situation!

What new skills & technology are you currently learning about?

Keeping up with new tape backup software and the structures they use is always a challenge. Also the changes manufacturers make to their current software means our tools may require changes so I try to stay up to date with these to see if any updates are required.

What are you working on at the moment?

I am working with our Business Development team on several leads for large tape projects. Also I have 3 overwritten tapes that I am performing recoveries on.

What type of mobile phone do you have?

Nokia Lumia 920

How do you relax after work/on weekends?

Spending time with friends and family. I also enjoy going to car shows and events.

If you weren't a data recovery engineer, what would your ideal career be & why?

A racing driver because I would also like to get paid a large amount of money to drive fast around a track every other week!

What is your top tip for data recovery?

Don't attempt to get data back yourself, it usually does more harm than good

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