Twitter Q&A: Data Recovery from Virtualised Environments

26 October 2012 by Milagros Gamero

On Wednesday, 24 October 2012 we held our inaugural twitter Q&A on data recovery from virtualised environments. With 10 different users asking over 25 questions ranging from how data recovery is performed on cloud & virtualised environments, to specific experiences encountered by Kroll Ontrack, to current industry trends in cloud computing.

Participants used the hashtag #odrqa Ernesto LoboErnesto Lobo.

Below we have selected some highlights from the twitter Q&A session.

@M_R_MASON04How can you help me recover data from virtualised environments?13:02
@DrDataRecovery@m_r_mason04 We have specialised engineers & custom data recovery tools so we are able to assist you with13:04
@DrDataRecoveryany virtualised data loss.13:05
@RuettigerPStoneWhat systems can you help recover data from?13:07
@DrDataRecovery@ruettigerpstone Good Q. We are able to help with Microsoft® Hyper-V™, Oracle® VM VirtualBox®, Citrix®13:08
@DrDataRecoveryas well as VMware® vSphere™ virtual systems.  2/213:08
@foodflunkyWhat's the most common cause of virtual data loss13:23
@DrDataRecovery@foodflunky Physical problems are still quite prevalent as well as different types of human error, incl. not having backups.13:25
@MrChumps@DrDataRecovery If I lose my data in the cloud, the provider will recover it for me, right?13:36
@DrDataRecovery@MrChumps Great Q. It is normally not the provider’s responsibility to recover lost data so check your contract &/or keep a backup!13:38
@djcsells@OntrackUKIE what's the best place to restore my backups to?13:39
@DrDataRecovery@djcsells Do not restore them to the same location as where you lost the data. A brand new drive is advisable . Thanks for the Q.13:44
@BreakieMartiniWe need to do a recovery on a VMs - any tips?13:41
@DrDataRecovery@breakiemartini Shutdown or migrate any other active VMs on the same volume that are thin provisioned or are13:45
@DrDataRecoveryusing snapshots.  1/213:45
@DrDataRecoveryAny writing to the new blocks on the volume can overwrite recoverable data.  2/213:45
@craigahlawson@DrDataRecovery @OntrackUKIE  Do you find resistance from service providers to access storage arrays on behalf of clients?13:56
@DrDataRecovery@craigahlawson Initially yes, however, once we go over the data recovery process they are generally happy to proceed.  1/213:59
@DrDataRecovery@craigahlawson It comes down to how the data is divided on their system. They're happy when we can prove14:00
@DrDataRecoverywe'll only access the...  2/314:01
@DrDataRecovery@craigahlawson affected client's data.  3/3. Great question.14:01

We would like to thank all of the participants tweeted their questions throughout the hour-long Q&A session.

If you have any questions regarding data recovery from virtual or cloud environments then please feel free to tweet our resident data recovery expert @DrDataRecovery, or alternatively give us a call.