Ontrack supports the team.

The situation

In the aftermath of a storm, many people were left with flooded homes and businesses.

One of them was a popular sports club, which suffered severe water damage after torrential rains hit the north of England. Over 1.9TB of important data was lost when critical data stored in drives went underwater, bringing the club to an absolute standstill. They searched for support in recovering their data and came across an IT service provider, a Ontrack partner who provides technical support in the area.

The solution

The IT reseller sent the two damaged drives to Ontrack for the recovery.

Once our engineers reviewed the drives they discovered that the electronics (PCB) had suffered water damaged. The club requested an emergency service in order to get the data back quickly and get themselves back up and running as soon as possible.

The resolution

Fortunately the internal parts were intact, facilitating the recovery.

The damage to the electronic components was overcome when the engineers, using specialist technology, were able to clean up the drive and fix the components on the PCB. Once the PCB was functioning, they were able to access the data on the drive and recover 100% of the customer’s data in only a couple of days. Needless to say both the service provider and the club were fully satisfied with the speed and success of the recovery.