Where email is stored is key to recovery

Some software, like Microsoft Outlook, stores email on hardware. We can successfully recover email from hardware, even if it has stopped functioning.

Web-based email applications (e.g. Gmail, Outlook.com, Yahoo, etc.), store emails in the cloud. If you have taken the additional step to back up your email to hardware, we can help you recover it.

Unsure if you may have locally stored emails?

This table shows the most common email application types and where the email content is stored.


Email application type Locally stored Server stored Web based storage
Microsoft® Outlook    
Microsoft Outlook (with Exchange Server)  
Entourage®/Microsoft Outlook for Mac®    
Entourage/Microsoft Outlook for Mac (w/Exchange Server)  
iOS® Device (iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch®)
IBM Lotus Notes®  
Hotmail/Windows Live Mail  
Apple® Mail  
Yahoo!® Mail    
Google Gmail™    
Android Mail  

Email recovery from a server environment

Our data recovery engineers are experienced in recovering your email not matter how it is stored on your server. Whether it is inside a database, a Microsoft Exchange Information Store, or individual messages in separate files (such as .pst) - your email server data can be recovered.

Damaged storage media

Attempting to extract your emails without professional help could result in them becoming permanently unrecoverable.

Contact our data recovery experts as soon as possible if you have experienced a storage media failure that contains email messages.

Email extraction from tape media

Identifying which tapes in storage have emails or mailboxes can be a challenge for anyone who manages tape storage. Our engineers are able to quickly pinpoint tape media containing emails or entire mailboxes and restore only the ones you want. The required emails or mailboxes are then returned in an encrypted PST format. More information on tape services

When to use email recovery software

If your email is stored locally on a laptop, desktop, smartphone, tablet or server, and the hardware is fully functional, our email recovery software solutions may be an option for you.

Start recovering your data!

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