Recovers deleted and lost files with original filenames
Deleted partition recovery
Recover lost & deleted HFS, HFS+, FAT, exFAT, and NTFS file system
Apple® Time Machine® recovery
Recover deleted backup files from Apple Time Machine
Encrypted disk recovery
Unlock and recovers data from password protected hard drive
RAW recovery
Recovers data from corrupt hard drive
Boot Camp® support
Recovers file from Windows® partition on Mac
Create image (DMG file) of volumes
Preview of recoverable files
Languages supported (EN, DE, FR, IT, ES, CN)
OS supported - Mac OSX 10.13, 10.12,10.11,10.10 & legacy OS
Optimizes performance of Mac volumes
Repairs Mac volumes
Verify and repair cryptic errors on Mac disk drives
Rebuilds directory
Build-up new disk drive directory structure
Repairs External Volumes
Repair and fix HFS external hard drives
Enables Journaling
Protects integrity of MacOS® extended file system on volumes
License for commercial use