Hard Drive Shipped Ontrack is committed to supporting data recovery needs around the globe during the COVID-19 crisis. Our Media drop-off remains open to public, but we strongly encourage you to use our free shipping services during this time. We are able to provide global support through several options including our remote data recovery services.

Mobile device recovery from any device and brand:

Whether you have a mobile phone, tablet or music player, we can perform our expert mobile recovery service on it.

Operating System

Yours isn’t listed? Don't worry; with the largest R&D team of any data recovery provider, we can recover your data from almost any data loss situation.

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Why trust your mobile device to us?

Mobile phones use flash memory to store data. Ontrack Data Recovery services has a track record of successful data recoveries from flash memory storage devices; unrivalled expertise; and proprietary data reconstruction programs to identify, separate and reassemble your flash memory so that your data can be extracted.

Comprehensive mobile recovery service

We can recover data from a wide range of physical and logical damage. We have experience with the following data loss scenarios and much more:

  • Software issues
  • Liquid damage
  • Smashed screen
  • Internal electronic failures
  • Device won’t turn on

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Mobile recovery process and pricing

We complete a free evaluation of your device between 5 - 7 days. We provide guaranteed results before you pay.

Got questions? We’ve got you covered

Not sure how to get your data back from your mobile device? Here is some useful information about recovery services for mobile phones of all brands, smartphones, tablets, and older PDA/mobile phone types.

Only if the mobile device can be used as an external storage device. However, bear in mind that DIY recovery efforts may result in changing or otherwise damaging the data. Additionally, if the phone is locked out and it connects with the messaging server, the server may issue a command to overwrite all data to ensure data security, potentially making your data loss permanent.

The chances of recovering missing or deleted data from phones and tablets is quite slim and unfortunately we do not offer an in-house service to attempt to recover deleted data from mobile devices. If you need to attempt this type of recovery, we recommend trying Ontrack EasyRecovery for iPhone.

If you have an iPhone 4S or above which has been disabled it is not possible to recover the data. This feature of the phone is for security purposes and it is not possible to bypass. If you have a device that is not an iPhone 4S or above, success will be dependent on the device.

If you have an iPhone 4S or above that has been restored, it is not possible to recover the data. These devices have a unique encryption key that is wiped in the restore process, without this the data cannot be recovered. If you have a device that is not an iPhone 4S or above, success will be dependent on the device.

Temporary repairs may be required in order to access and extract the data however these repairs will not be permanent. Our engineering team will provide a recommendation the end of our service regarding whether the device can continue to be used or should be replaced.

The data will be returned on a new external USB drive for you to access. Depending on your device, you may be able to import some files back to your phone.

We only need the phone/tablet/device and any removable storage, e.g. an SD card.

Yes, we actually prefer you not to send us your SIM card as this will not be required for the recovery.

Lost data? Then STOP!

If you’ve lost data, stop using the device immediately to avoid further damage. Assess the situation before deciding on the best course of action.

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Get your data back

Ontrack can help recover your data. From the largest government or enterprise organisations to home users who may have lost their data, you can trust us.

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