Listing Out The Top Ten Summer Smartphone Incidents

Tuesday, August 15, 2017 by Philipp Lohberg

Summer means sun, beach and sea.  For most people, this is proven to be a relaxing time. However, sometimes summer fun can turn into a stressful situations for our electronic devices, particularly your smartphone.

10. Toilets

A study found that one-third of mobile phone owners have lost smartphones due to some kind of misfortunate incident. Five percent reported that their pet destroyed their smartphone. Twelve percent of the respondents had left the smartphone on the top of the car before driving away, while 20 percent of respondents reported that their device fell in the toilet.

9. Gardening

Spring is here and a brand new riding lawn mower awaits, but be aware not to let your smartphone slip out of your pocket. If an electronic device gets in contact with these fast-moving blades, it could cause problems that are difficult to solve, even for data recovery experts.

8. Pets

Most people are not amused when their dog mistakes a USB drive as a chew toy and the SD card for a treat or when cats mistake a tablet for a litter box.

7. Sunscreen

It's a hot one. The sun is burning and your skin needs some protection. You quickly get out the   sunscreen and your smartphone gets a taste of it as well. Sunscreen can get stuck in small openings of the device and the substances can harm coated displays.

6. Party

You are at a party.  Relaxed and enjoying some cocktails, when suddenly, a drink spills over the table and hits your smartphone. A wet device is not the only issue. Substances which are dissolved in the beverage can do additional damage. Sugar, for example, has the unpleasant property of being able to form crystals when drying that can lead to short circuit. Dried sugar also becomes very sticky. In an event like this, contacting a data recovery professional is recommended. Do-it-yourself (DIY) data recovery attempts could only make matters worse.

5. Cars

Cars and electronic devices often don´t go well together. After a long drive, you have parked the car and opened the doors and out tumbles the mobile phone and camera, falling onto the street. The same applies for motorcycles.  Camera bags should be well-secured during motorcycle tours in order to prevent them from getting lost. There is, of course, the classic situation: the mobile phone or camera is placed on the hood of the car or left at the gas station. We’ll leave what happens next up to your imagination.

4. Theft

During the summer, it is common for people to get out and enjoy the outdoors.  With warmer weather comes a heightened amount of thieves. Smartphones also disappear easily in crowds when bags are not sealed properly. Unfortunately, in most of the cases, stolen devices never turn up. Potential preventative action could be to reactivate your older smartphone for use on a trip. Also, make a data backup before departure.

3. Water

Water appears to be the biggest enemy of electronics, whether a device drops from the railing during a boat rip or is sprayed with salt water at the beach. The underlying problem is that if water gets inside an electronic device, it can lead to short circuits resulting in data loss. In the event of a wet device, do not try to switch it on or remove the battery to air dry. Also, do not dry the device with a hairdryer.

2. Sand

You can’t do to the beach without sand. However, fine sand can make its way even into the smallest cracks of our electronic devices. A fine brush or a cold hairdryer can help to remove the sand again and prevents individual keys from being blocked, but in most cases, it is recommended to ask for professional help. Sand can also leave many scratches on a screen when wiped away with the back of a hand.  If the smartphone must go to the beach, it is best to keep it in a dry pocket.

1. Heat

Smartphones and tablets don´t particularly tolerate sunlight very well. Apple warns that high temperatures can reduce battery life, damage the liquid crystals in the display and on top of that, plastic phone and tablet cases can melt. What some people aren’t aware of is that temperatures can rise 60 degrees or more after an hour when the car is parked in the sun.  It is recommended to not leave your smartphone or tablet in the car during hot summer days.


We strongly advise that you back up your data regularly, in the summer and all year long. In the event that you lose your data on your device, you will be able to recover it quickly.