Here's How to Celebrate World Backup Day

Friday, March 31, 2017 by Kathrin Brekle

Backups are important. To ensure that this is not forgotten, the then 24-year-old College student Ismail Jadun in Youngstown, Ohio launched World Backup Day on March 31, 2011 and it has been a celebration every year since.

The fact that the creation of a backup copy of computer or smartphone data must be memorable is actually quite amazing. It should be clear to everyone by now that data on a hard disk or a memory card will not last forever. Nevertheless - the figures speak for themselves:

Some Statistics

  • A third of all users have never made a backup
  • Criminals steal more than 100 smartphones every minute
  • Almost a third of all data disasters are accidents

In times of ransomware and other cyberattacks, a timely backup is indispensable. If data has been deleted, stolen, or access to important corporate data is not possible, a working backup can be the only way to keep the organization functioning, or at least parts of it anyways. The loss of important documents, design drawings, graphics, invoices, customer information or other data relevant to the day-to-day operations can quickly drive a company to the brink of ruin or beyond.

Computer Backup Benefits

But even private users of computers and data storage can benefit from having a backup. Is the folder with the pictures of your children only available on your hard drive?  What happens if your data storage device freezes and is no longer accessible? A competent data recovery specialist can help here, but it would be easier if you had a backup copy in stock. Also the building plans for your house, the booking confirmation for the next vacation, or the Christmas greetings from Grandpa - damage can occur from a little misfortune, virus infection, fire or flood.

Smartphone Backup Benefits

What about your smartphone? Private pictures, important contacts, as well as business documents are more and more often on this small electronic helper. If the smartphone somehow disappeared, all the data would be gone too. A simple cracked screen can prevent login. Until there is a replacement for the screen, you may not be able to access the data unless you allow access to the device from your computer.

The excuse that it is cumbersome to ensure that a backup copy is available is no longer valid today. There are enough programs that are configurable to run the backup without your intervention.

Be Sure to Check for Functionality

One thing to remember - frequently check whether the backup is functional. There are countless stories that all have in common that either the backup was delayed until it was too late or a backup was available, that did not function and it was impossible to restore the data.

When creating and using backups, you should know that one backup in a worst case scenario may not be enough. It should be at least two or three. One copy should be on the device itself, one on an external storage medium and one off-premise, for example, in the cloud.

If prepared, you can survive a hacker attack problem-free; even floods or conflagrations are less of a horror story- if a proper data backup is in place.