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Revolutionizing Data Recovery in a World of Data Encryption

Thursday, February 13, 2014 by Krzysztof Jendrzok

The data world is constantly evolving, but over the recent years, I’ve noticed the changes becoming more apparent. Within the past year, it seems like data security has been brought to the forefront of everyone’s mind at least once a month. Home users and businesses alike are increasing their use of data encryption in order to keep their data safe. Let’s face it, we live in a world where Twitter users average over 100,000 tweets per minute, Google searches are occurring at 2 million queries per minute and the number of Facebook users equal the population of the third largest country in the world! We are creating data at an alarming rate, and hopefully taking steps to protect it.

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The World's First Successful Data Recovery Project

Thursday, January 9, 2014 by Jennifer Duits

Ontrack completed the first successful data recovery. It all started back in 1985 when a company called Ontrack Computer Systems created a software program called Disk Manager®.

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Data Disaster Hall of Fame: Amazing Stories of Data Recovery

Wednesday, November 20, 2013 by Jennifer Duits

We gathered the best stories from our offices around the globe, or I should say the worst stories? Our engineers work all year long to perform amazing recoveries from media damaged beyond belief. We, as a society, have become very dependent on our data (Do you remember the last time you had to memorize a phone number?).

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Ontrack Data Recovery: A Firsthand Experience with Data Loss

Monday, June 17, 2013 by Krzysztof Jendrzok

I’m feeling a little nostalgic today, so thought I’d share a little incident from the past. As I've expressed in prior blog postings, one of the biggest challenges Ontrack has is successfully communicating the risks of data loss to customers whom have never experienced it.

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2012 Top 10 Data Recovery Disasters - Take the Challenge

Thursday, November 29, 2012 by The Data Experts

Here at Kroll Ontrack, we've seen it all when it comes to data recovery disasters. Whether you accidentally drop your iPad® off an oil rig in Nigeria, lose your data in the Gobi Desert, or run over your digital camera in a parking lot, Kroll Ontrack can handle your data recovery.

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Data Recovery Videos

FAQ: How much does data recovery cost?

In this video, we discuss the following data recovery queries:

  • How much data recovery costs
  • The cost of recovering one file compared to multiple files

FAQ: How the data recovery process works

In this video, we discuss the following data recovery queries:

  • What to do when you've lost your data
  • How the data recovery process works from start to finish
  • How long the data recovery process takes

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