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Dell Data Recovery.

As a data recovery partner with Dell, we have been successfully recovering data from Dell storage systems for years. With over 35 years of experience and self-developed tools, we find the best solution for your data recovery.

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Dell Data Recovery Capabilities

We provide data recovery on all Dell data storage solutions, including:

  • Dell PowerEdge Tower Servers
  • PowerEdge Rack Servers
  • PowerEdge FX Series Modular Infrastructure
  • Dell PowerVault Structure
  • EqualLogic PS Series
  • Dell Storage MD Series
  • Dell Storage FS Series
Dell data recovery capabilities

Data Recovery for all Dell Products

Every data loss is unique and there are many causes. Fortunately, Ontrack has the expertise to recover data from all Dell products and virtually any data loss situation.

Our data recovery experts routinely recover inaccessible email, text messages, pictures, contacts, video, music production, and other data types from Dell devices that have suffered file system corruption, impact, liquid and fire damage.If your data loss is time critical, please contact us immediately for the best advice.

Laptops and Tablets

  • Dell Alienware
  • Dell Dimension
  • Dell Chromebook
  • Dell G-Series
  • Dell Inspiron
  • Dell Latitude
  • Dell Precision Mobile Workstations
  • Dell Vostro
  • Dell XPS


  • Dell Inspiron Desktops
  • Dell OptiPlex
  • Dell Precision Fixed Workstations
  • Dell Vostro Desktops
  • Dell XPS Desktops

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Common causes of data loss Dell devices

Common causes of data loss on Dell storage systems.

There are many different causes of data loss in large server storage solutions: the data is no longer accessible due to a hardware or RAID error, humon error (such as accidental deletion), or corrupted data.

Ontrack has recovered data from the following scenarios:

  • Error on LUN Drives
  • Damage to the Virtual Machine (VM) or accidental deletion
  • Damaged or deleted snapshots
  • Deleted data in a Virtual Machine (VM)
  • Formed or newly installed LUNs
  • Formatting or reinstalling the Virtual Machine

If you experience data loss on a Dell storage system, contact our specialists immediately to receive a free consultation. The first data recovery attempt is critical for saving your valuable data.

Dell Data Recovery Case Studies

Review Ontrack data recovery success stories on Dell devices.

New tools made recovery from highly specialized EMC® Isilon® big data storage possible.

Feb 20, 2020, 16:41 PM
Title : New tools made recovery from highly specialized EMC® Isilon® big data storage possible.
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Client :
Data recovery from EMC® Isilon® IQ 6000x
The pharmaceutical company lost almost 4 million files of highly critical research and development data when moving files within the Isilon storage system.

The “lost files” were mostly raw data gathered from chemical analysis in ongoing laboratory research work. The firm, together with EMC support, was able to recover 90 percent of the data using a standard rebuild process. To recover the desperately needed remaining files, Ontrack was contacted by the customer for help. Ontrack worked with the EMC support in order to get detailed information on the situation.

The Isilon IQ 6000x, designed for big data, consisted of four nodes with 15 terabytes of data storage in total with 500 gigabyte hard drives installed.

It was set up as a single volume where all of the data was striped across the disks. Unlike a traditional RAID system, Isilon systems are built on the concept of a huge data lake where all data is stored and managed inside one data pool. To manage the system and this “data lake” a unique file system was created by Isilon called OneFS. In this case one of the four nodes inside the system experienced a kernel panic and several disks showed multiple errors. EMC was able to gather most of the files with a rebuild before a consistency check showed that several disks had errors. To recover the missing data, the file system had to be analyzed by the Ontrack team to find out how the data was laid out in the whole storage system.
To find out how the data originally was distributed over the disks and determine the data mapping, Ontrack s own R&D department developed a brand new set of tools unique to the OneFS.

With these tools, an existing OneFS volume can be analyzed in depth and missing or faulty data file structures inside the “big” data lake can be discovered even more quickly. With the now gathered information on how the data structure of the Isilon system was setup, the engineers were finally able to rebuild and recover the missing data.
In the end, Ontrack engineers were able to recover almost all of the missing files with only a couple of bad files due to damaged encryption.

The client was delighted that Ontrack handled such a complex recovery so quickly. None of the confidential data was compromised and the solution provided by Ontrack was cost-effective and completed within a very short timeframe. With the newly developed tools for this case, Ontrack is currently the only data recovery service provider with the ability to recover data from Isilon storage systems.
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