What is Error Code 1523?

Error Code 1523 is a product activation error message that appears when a user enters or pastes an invalid or incorrect activation key or the key of different version of the software.

Invalid Activation Key

Enter a valid activation key to activate the software

Error Code: 1523

App: ….

Error Code 1523

The error may also occur due to reasons, such as

  • Extra space or character before, after, or in-between the activation key.
  • Using an activation key to activate the software that belongs to a different version or edition of the software. For instance, an activation key for one edition may not work on the other edition. Similarly, an activation key for the older version may not work with the new release.

How to Resolve Error Code 1523?

To resolve or avoid the error code 1523, follow these tips,

  • Copy and paste the code instead of typing it manually to avoid any extra space or characters.
  • Check the confirmation email to know the software version and edition. Download the correct software version or edition and use the provided key to activate the software.
  • Login as an administrator to your system.
  • Disable antivirus and firewall
  • Enable Port80 on the system.

If you are unable to activate the software and experiencing this activation error, please connect with the Ontrack Customer Support team by emailing support@ontrack.com . The team will help you activate the software and resolve the error at the earliest.