Easy-to-manage automatic and manual overwriting routines ensure full compliance and enhanced security. Deleting files with Windows commands does not actually remove the data. The Blancco File software is an advanced file shredding solution that erases selected data and ensures full compliance through support of all leading erasure standards. The user-friendly software makes day-to-day data shredding easy.

Proactive data leak prevention with targeted data erasure

Blancco File is designed especially for end users to safely shred selected or targeted files and folders on PCs, servers and virtual machines. This solution is ideal for shredding Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint documents, PDF files, pictures, the recycle bin, temporary files, free disc space and more. In this way, Blancco File is a proactive solution to eliminate the risk of data leaks.

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Peace of mind with 100% secure data erasure

Blancco File ensures 100% data sanitization of your PCs, servers and virtual machines. Following a secure erasure, reconstructing data is not possible with any existing technology. In addition to the erasure process, comprehensive reports are automatically generated to prove successful erasure. These tamper-proof and verifiable reports are an essential part of regulatory, compliance and legal auditing requirements.

Full compliance through officially approved product

Blancco File meets and exceeds all recognized international standards and regulations. It also allows an organization to be compliant with new legislation and regulations demanding secure removal of customer related data. For example, Blancco File is used to achieve full PCI compliance. Detailed erasure reports include everything needed for compliance, including user data, file names and exact times of erasure.

Improved efficiency with task automation capabilities

Blancco File allows users to prearrange the erasure of selected files and folders on local or remote servers and work stations. Users can also implement erasure rules and automatic routines, as well as enable policy-based scheduling and integration through Windows standard components. In addition, multiple configuration alternatives are available to improve user interaction and improve productivity. The additional command line interface supports all features and includes several filters and options for efficient implementations.