E-discovery Services and Consulting

KLDiscovery provides technology and consulting services to support the management of electronic, paper and audio documents for review and production in litigation, arbitration or regulatory matters. Our legal and technical consultants can provide you with strategic advice and help design discovery solutions that comply with discovery duties, support case preparation needs and meet budgetary requirements. We have proven onsite data collection methods, industry leading data filtering and innovative document review technology that helps prioritize key documents with significant cost savings. KLDiscovery has unmatched experience with the latest e-discovery technology. In 2006, we became the first vendor to license Relativity, setting a new standard in e-discovery workflow.

International Data Collections

Whether one hard drive or a network of servers and thousands of pieces of media, our global teams provide extraordinary preservation and collection services. Each year, KLDiscovery collects data from approximately 150 different countries. As a result, our experts possess deep experience with country-specific discovery laws and customs. With more than 40 offices located worldwide, our data collection experts can be on the ground quickly, wherever your data is located.

Forensically Sound Self-Collection

KLDiscovery's Remote Collection Manager (RCMgr®) is the most comprehensive self-collection suite in eDiscovery. End-users and IT professionals alike can now easily perform forensically sound collections of hard drives, loose files, and email servers – effortlessly and defensibly. Since RCMgr is run by the end-user, collection can be performed any time, any place. Avoid workstation commandeering and never disrupt business operations again.

Tape Restoration

By combining the expertise of our analysis with the most advanced tape discovery technology in existence, KLDiscovery reduces the cost and complexity once associated with managing and producing data from backup tapes. With the advancement of tape technology, backup tapes can no longer be wholesale eliminated from discovery plans. Our tape restoration services make it quick, easy, and cost effective to catalogue and understand the contents of tapes without having to restore them, empowering you to make informed and educated decisions.

Full Restoration is a Thing of the Past - While tapes remain the bottomless pit of ESI for many corporations, our tape services help users focus in and limit restoration to only the relevant ESI for the case at hand. Boolean searches, date restrictions, and other advanced filtering techniques can be combined to give counsel and technology practitioners unprecedented access to data that was previously inaccessible.

Broad Support and Capabilities - KLDiscovery's tape services support many common backup formats, such as NetBackup, Backup Exec, TSM, Commvault and many others. In addition, there are few, if any, file types, operating systems, or email platforms our solutions cannot handle.

Unimaginable Speed - The scalable bulk-processing firepower of our tape technology gets content at your fingertips and out of the dark faster than ever before. What would have once taken weeks can now be accomplished in hours or days.

Mobile e-Discovery Solutions

KLDiscovery’s mobile solution combines powerful processing and review technologies with local consultative expertise to empower onsite filtering, examination and review of data – without the constraints of a data centre or a fixed, in-country solution. The data can stay in country or even within the four walls of any given location, allowing you to comply with data privacy regulations and maintain the confidentiality of sensitive corporate information.

Digital Forensic Services

Computer Forensics is in our DNA and is a particular specialty of KLDiscovery. For many of our experts, it’s been their career and life-long passion and it shows in our work. We are “tool agnostic,” meaning we know how to use and have licenses for all tools – EnCase, FTK, Paraben, etc., – and use what tools fits the matter best. Our engineers are skilled in all types of computing systems – servers, mainframes, cloud computing, PCs, and laptops, across all operating systems, including Windows, UNIX and Mac. Our expertise extends to mobile phones, tablets, individual email and across all corporate email systems, including Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes and GroupWise.

Managed Document Review Services

KLDiscovery Managed Review Services help keep your mind off logistics and your focus on the case. We wills source the right lawyers for your legal case, with reference to the subject matter of your case, the technology being utilised and the legal decisions that need to be made. If you have a tight deadline for discovery or need a regulatory investigation done fast, KLDiscovery can quickly mobilise a team of reviewers in one of our established review centres, where we provide the IT equipment and supervision, so that your review can be completed quickly and cost-effectively. We’ve got your document review covered, no matter the language or subject matter involved. At KLDiscovery, our legal document review experts have seen it all, and we can create a team with almost any skill set or subject matter expertise needed. Simplified or traditional Chinese, Japanese, German, Russian or a multitude of other languages – when language proficiency is a requirement, we can locate document reviewers that are trained and ready to join our teams. Further, we can develop legal document review teams with substantive knowledge in the following areas: banking and financial services, pharmaceuticals, insurance, telecommunications, technology, agriculture, transportation, oil and gas, securities, and more.

Compliance Review Services

KLDiscovery offers a unique Compliance Review Service. Our sophisticated document review tools and expert consultancy can be used proactively for internal audits to check on compliance with company policy, regulations or laws relating to bribery and corruption and competition laws. KLDiscovery’s solutions can help you analyse your data and assess the risk of suspected corporate or employee wrong-doing early on so that appropriate action can be taken. Powerful searching and data analysis tools help companies work out quickly what has been going on and the extent of legal exposure.

Explore Our Service Further is the global gateway to KLDiscovery’s international electronic discovery technology and services. There you will find innovative solutions that help organizations meet the complex data demands of litigation, investigations and regulatory compliance.

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