Blancco Toolkit is an easy, light and portable solution for your on-the-go data erasure needs.
Its carbon fiber-style casing makes it a smart and professional tool that is perfect for both onsite
and offsite erasure.

Lightweight, portable tool for travel and onsite erasure

  • Small size requires minimum storage space (300mm x 205mm x 75mm, weight 1.2 kg).
  • Attractive carbon fiber-style case is compact and lightweight.
  • Performs perfectly for either single or multiple-site erasure.

Fast and simple erasure process

  • Installs easily and is extremely user friendly.
  • Performs 75-100 erasures per day per kit.
  • Functions as a completely stand-alone erasure tool, with no Internet or network connection required.
  • Builds a secure data destruction process in just 5 minutes.

Regulatory compliance

  • Conforms to recognized international erasure standards.
  • Helps organizations comply with internal policies, local legislation and industry standards for data security and data loss prevention.

Reporting and auditing

To enquire about purchasing the Blancco Erase toolkit for your organisation today, contact us on 01 960 9265.

  • Automatically generates detailed erasure reports after each erasure.
  • Protects against liability exposure by providing reports as proof of erasure.
  • Reports provide asset details, such as service and asset tags and serial numbers.