100% complete data removal

Flash erase helps reduce the risk of a data breach. It securely erases data from flash media devices and provides detailed reports that guarantee 100% compliance with regulatory standards.

Key features


100% tamper-proof data erasure report

Fully compliant with government regulations

Simultaneous erasure of multiple drives

Easy to install and user-friendly


Why choose flash erase services?

Data security

Simply deleting or formatting a device doesn’t always remove data securely. Eliminate the risk of information leaks with flash erase. It provides 100% data removal and a tamper-proof audit trail for every device.


Set up an automatic and comprehensive erasure process in just minutes. Save time and hassle with a simple user interface.

Regulatory compliance

Flash erase software conforms to recognized international erasure standards. It also helps your organization comply with internal policies and local legislation related to data protection and data privacy.


Supports any Windows flash media, including USB thumb drives, SD cards, Microdrives, CompactFlash cards, and more.

Receive a detailed audit trail

Drive erase validates the successful completion of the overwriting process and generates tamper-proof reports to comply with legal auditing requirements. Reports can be customized to suit your needs and provide critical information.

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