Key features


100% tamper-proof data erasure report

Fully compliant with government regulations

Simultaneous erasure of multiple drives

Easy to install and user-friendly

Secure erasure

Removable media eraser software efficiently achieves data sanitization on any type of flash-based removable storage media supported by Microsoft Windows.

Fast and simple

Removable media eraser software is easy to install and extremely user friendly. With an easy-to-use graphical interface, this software is capable of simultaneously erasing multiple devices.

Types of flash media

USB Thumb Drives, SD Cards, Micro drives, MP3 players, CompactFlash Cards...

Regulatory compliance

Removable media eraser software conforms to recognized international erasure standards. It also helps your organization comply with internal policies and local legislation related to data protection and data privacy.

Detailed report

This software automatically generates a detailed report after each erasure, enabling a full asset disposal process and gapless audit trail.

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