Complete data sanitization

Ontrack offers LUN eraser software to help you manage your data erasure tasks across active storage environments. LUN eraser provides total data sanitization giving you peace of mind that data is completely unrecoverable.

Efficient, cost-effective solution

Sanitizing logical units and hard drives saves time and money compared with replacing and destroying hard drives or rebuilding storage configurations.

Key features

  • Targeted, automated data overwriting
  • Simultaneous erasure of multiple drives
  • Retains device operating system files allowing instantaneous reuse
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux and UNIX environments
Hard drive santization

Why choose Ontrack LUN Erase?



Sanitizing devices with erasure software saves time and money compared to replacing and destroying hardware or rebuilding storage configurations.


Any logical unit or mounted disk on Windows-based systems, or supported by Linux or UNIX, can be securely erased.


Maintain full process control and a gapless audit trail. Comply with legislation such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, and other internal security policies.

Detailed audit trail

Bundled with our Erasure Management Console, the LUN eraser provides powerful reporting that collects all erasures made over the network or from individual hard drives. It offers full process control and a gapless audit trail based on detailed XML reporting. This ensures your organization complies with both internal security policies and strict industry regulations such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, and SOX.

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