Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Blackout creates soaring demand for emergency data recovery services

Ontrack data recovery experiences 39 percent increase in calls for help

MINNEAPOLIS – Aug. 19, 2003 – IT professionals in affected areas of the U.S. and Canada are just now realizing the impact of the blackout while evaluating the extent of their data loss and prioritizing the amount of critical information they need to recover, according to Kroll Ontrack Inc., provider of Ontrack Data Recovery products and services and a wholly owned subsidiary of Kroll Inc. (NASDAQ: KROL). Ontrack has been operating in emergency mode responding to a 39 percent increase in call volume at its U.S. data recovery call centers providing solutions to help the blackout victims save their critical data.

Many companies responsible for managing and protecting data, like computer consulting firm Assured Technologies, Inc. of Mineola, New York, found themselves panic-stricken after the effects of last week’s blackouts. Due to a malfunctioning Uninterruptible Power Supply, business critical information that was believed to be protected was inaccessible and feared lost. After Assured Technologies made several unsuccessful attempts at recovering the data themselves, Ontrack Data Recovery stepped in and initiated recovery using its service capabilities.

“There’s nothing worse than realizing your data is gone and feeling you have no options for recovery,” said Eric Shaw, president of Assured Technologies, Inc. “Ontrack quickly put my fears to rest and was able to recover 100 percent of the lost data, saving my company in the process.”

According to Jim Reinert, Director, Ontrack Data Recovery, Shaw’s experience was typical. “Unfortunately, traditional disaster recovery plans may not address data recovery and even more disturbing is the misperception that data can not be recovered after such an unforeseen and disastrous event. Our annual investment in research and development coupled with our patented technology, enables Ontrack to help people recover from nearly all data loss situations – no matter how devastating the disaster. ” Reinert also speaks to the quality of the recovery process in that it actually recovers the most recent data files versus the restoration of older, archived data files stored on backup – saving both time and productivity.

To companies and consumers concerned about data loss and possible recovery, Reinert offered the following advice:

  • Never assume that data is unrecoverable, no matter what it has been through;
  • Do not shake, disassemble or attempt to clean any hard drive or server that has been damaged;
  • Do not attempt to operate visibly damaged devices;
  • For mission critical situations, contact a data recovery professional before any attempts are made to reconfigure, reinstall or reformat
Data recovery products from Ontrack are available for both businesses and personal users. Residents in the affected areas interested in Ontrack's advice and service discounts should contact Ontrack via their Web site at http://www.ontrack.com or by calling 800-872-2599.

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Kroll Ontrack Inc. provides Ontrack Data Recovery services and software and electronic evidence solutions to help individuals, companies, law firms and federal agencies quickly and cost-effectively recover electronic information. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kroll Inc. (Nasdaq: KROL), the world's leading risk consulting company. Formerly known as ONTRACK Data International, Inc., Kroll Ontrack operates as Kroll's "Technology Services Group," one of five businesses dedicated to providing clients worldwide with practical, integrated solutions to mitigate risk.

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