Tuesday, May 4, 2004

New version of Ontrack® Powercontrols™ provides enhancements that aid it staff in Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

New features expand email system support and provide essential export function

MINNEAPOLIS – May 4, 2004 – Ontrack Data Recovery™, the largest, most experienced and technologically advanced provider of data recovery products and services in the industry, today announced the availability of Ontrack® PowerControls™ version 2.1, mailbox recovery software designed with expanded email system support and an essential export function that can upgrade internal controls and help companies comply with the corporate governance requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act requires companies to certify that they have internal controls in place ensuring the accuracy and veracity of financial reporting. Included in this reporting requirement are internal controls related to records management and storage, and disaster recovery plans. Managing email retention and storage is an important part of meeting these requirements and poses a particular challenge for corporate executives who are not only responsible for establishing and maintaining internal controls, but who must also personally assess and publicly disclose their effectiveness.

As some publicly traded companies must become Sarbanes-Oxley complaint as soon as Nov. 15, 2004, better solutions are needed to work with the company’s old email records that have been backed up prior to the company implementing new internal controls, such as email archiving systems and disaster recovery procedures. Ontrack PowerControls 2.1 can aid compliance in several ways:

  • For companies that choose to convert email now, PowerControls exports old emails from backup for importing into new internal controls such as modern archiving systems.
  • For companies that choose to store old emails on existing media as part of a disaster recovery strategy, PowerControls is itself a disaster recovery internal control with its ability to read old backup media, and display and search the content of the old emails.

“In light of Sarbanes-Oxley, many public companies must fashion new policies that strictly mandate internal controls related to the retention and deletion of emails from specific business units or categories of key employees,” said Jim Reinert, director of Software and Services for Ontrack Data Recovery. “The costs of implementing and complying with such policies are substantial. PowerControls 2.1’s enhanced capabilities can help companies save significant sums of money by reducing capital and operational expenditures related to the management and restoration of emails and email attachments.”

New ExtractWizard Agent for Veritas NetBackup™

PowerControls 2.1 now offers Veritas NetBackup™ users ExtractWizard support for 3.4.1, 3.4.2 and 4.5 tape formats. ExtractWizard helps to restore Microsoft Exchange Server Information Store data from tape and disk backups to any alternate location (e.g., machine, volume, folder), thereby eliminating the need to restore an online backup to a duplicate Exchange Server – better known as a "Recovery Server." PowerControls ensures businesses can better meet compliance rules by providing the fastest method for recovering and restoring messages from Veritas NetBackup, one of the most popular backup solutions for email systems today. Support is also available for Microsoft NT Backup, Veritas BackupExec™, Legato Networker® and Computer Associates® BrightStor™ ARCServe® formats.

New Export Feature

The Export feature allows users to copy mail from an un-mounted Microsoft Exchange Server .edb source file to a local or network drive destination. This feature can assist customers who want to copy old email records into an alternate or non-email system. Administrators will be able to export at all levels including entire .edb, mailbox, folder, and messages while preserving message/folder hierarchy. As part of its Sarbanes-Oxley compliance effort, organizations need to identify and document all electronic and manual financial reporting processes. This feature helps administrators save considerable time in transferring such messages into an alternate records management storage system and ensures that relevant information can be identified, captured and communicated in a time frame that supports all other control components.

Additional PowerControls 2.1 Email Management Features:

  • Search on Attachment name – Enhancing searching capabilities gives users the ability to include attachment name(s) when performing a keyword search.
  • Save Attachments – In addition to searching for new attachments, users will be able to save message attachments directly to a local or network drive destination.
  • Enhanced Search features – When specifying search details, users will be able to browse and select multiple mailboxes and folders to search.

Pricing and Availability
Different editions of PowerControls 2.1 are now available with pricing beginning at $950 for 100 mailboxes. Ontrack® PowerControls™ 2.1 is available by calling Ontrack at 1-800-872-2599 or online at www.ontrack.com.

About Ontrack Data Recovery
Ontrack Data Recovery (www.ontrack.com) is the largest, most experienced and technologically advanced provider of data recovery products and services worldwide. Ontrack is able to recover lost or corrupted data from all operating systems and types of storage devices through its do-it-yourself, remote and in-lab capabilities, using its hundreds of proprietary tools and techniques. Ontrack Data Recovery is a brand name of Kroll Ontrack Inc., which operates as the Technology Services Group of Kroll Inc. (NASDAQ: KROL).

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