Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Kroll Ontrack releases Powercontrols 1.1 software to further simplify email restoration process

Enabling IT departments with time saving tools

MINNEAPOLIS, October 15, 2002 – Kroll Ontrack Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Kroll Inc. (Nasdaq: KROL) which provides data recovery and electronic evidence software and services, today released Ontrack® PowerControls™ 1.1, an upgraded mailbox management software tool to restore individual mailboxes, messages, folders, attachments and other elements from existing backup Microsoftâ Exchange Server database (.EDB) files.

PowerControls 1.1 introduces a new, powerful and easy to use tool called the “ExtractWizard,” which allows users to restore an online backup to an alternate location that is not an Exchange server. The PowerControls ExtractWizard is designed to work together with existing Exchange backup software, such as Veritas BackupExec or Microsoft NT Backup (either MTF or BKF formats). The feature eliminates the need for a duplicate Exchange Server, otherwise known as a Recovery Server, to perform the restore of an online backup.

“After introducing PowerControls earlier this year, we received some valuable feedback from our customers and other IT professionals who reported that the set-up of a Recovery Server can take upwards of one day and that having a preconfigured Recovery server set-up and waiting for events like this is not the most efficient use of resources. We addressed this issue by introducing the ExtractWizard, which specifically redirects the time and resources required to restore an online backup from tape,” said Jim Reinert, director of worldwide software products for Kroll Ontrack. “Recognizing that companies have unique Exchange environments, we also developed separate versions of the solution, priced accordingly, for corporate users of different sizes.”

Ontrack PowerControls 1.1 also adds the following features:

  • Support for Exchange 2000 SP3 version
  • Improved reporting during lengthy copy operations
  • Miscellaneous improvements to the database engine

“The inability to easily access old, backed-up data is a serious problem in some organizations,” said Michael Osterman, President and Founder of Osterman Research, a market research firm that helps organizations understand the markets for messaging, directory and related products and services. “Kroll Ontrack’s PowerControls makes it much easier for administrators to respond to Exchange backup and restoration requests from users, thereby making backed up data more easily accessible to users.”

Mailbox Enforcement
Different versions of PowerControls are now available based on the number of mailboxes in the organization. For example, PowerControls 1.1 Standard Edition (MSRP $950) is designed for use on Exchange databases with less than 100 mailboxes, while PowerControls 1.1 Business Edition (MSRP $1,495) will work on Exchange database files with less than 250 mailboxes. PowerControls 1.1 Enterprise Edition meets the needs of corporate IT administrators working with larger backup databases.

About Kroll Ontrack Inc.
Kroll Ontrack Inc. provides data recovery and electronic evidence services to help individuals, companies, law firms and federal agencies quickly and cost-effectively recover electronic information. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kroll Inc., the world's leading risk consulting company. Formerly known as ONTRACK Data International, Inc., Kroll Ontrack operates as Kroll's "Technology Services Group," one of five businesses dedicated to providing clients worldwide with practical, integrated solutions to mitigate risk. Kroll Ontrack can be reached online at https://www.krollontrack.com or by calling 800-645-3649.

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