Thursday, March 22, 2007

Kroll Ontrack launches new e-mail investigation & analytics software

Tool enables corporate counsel to identify crucial e-mail in internal investigations and for litigation

Minneapolis – March 22, 2007 – Kroll Ontrack, the industry’s largest provider of electronic and paper-based document discovery and computer forensics services, today announced the launch of Ontrack® Firstview™, an email investigation analytics tool that helps in-house attorneys appraise the scope, volume and potential significance of e-mail communication. Enabling attorneys to investigate incidents of employee misconduct, form legal case strategy and intelligently collect data in preparation for discovery, this technology allows corporate counsel to gain more control of internal investigations upfront and minimize costs by reducing the volume of information processed during e-discovery.

“Electronic communication, and email in particular, has become the number one component of internal corporate investigations and civil litigation,” said Kristin Nimsger, vice president of legal technologies at Kroll Ontrack. “Because in-house counsel is often called upon to perform early incident and case analysis, we’ve developed Ontrack Firstview to help these attorneys gather information surrounding a potential case. Ultimately, our technology provides attorneys with a snapshot of email communications and quickly points them towards the most pertinent information.”

Through the use of this desktop platform, in-house counsel are better equipped to evaluate what happened and whether misconduct occurred, as well as what data should be processed for e-discovery and whether to retain an outside expert for further forensic or discovery analysis. Specifically, Ontrack Firstview’s features and functionality enables users to:

  • Reveal the dominant themes present within email communications.
  • Establish the timeline for the events giving rise to the investigation or suit.
  • Graphically display communication lines between internal and external people.
  • Search for key people, words and phrases, or dates and times.
  • Create graphs, charts and reports to help demonstrate conclusions and present to corporate executives, opposing parties or judges.

The launch of Ontrack Firstview is a global deployment with availability in both the United States and United Kingdom. More information about Ontrack Firstview can be found by visiting

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